The Blood of Olympus

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Why am I not surprised that Rick Riordan loves Doctor Who?

Because these storylines are even more messed up. 

You all know how I stand with Hazel’s new ‘Mist ability’.  I think it’s incredibly powerful, but I also worry that it will start to consume her.  Not that the power makes her reckless/overconfident, but rather, she doesn’t know her strength or limits.   And controlling what people see?  That means she’s controlling everything. 

But another strange Who-like thing about Hazel is her Sammy/Leo dilemma.  Her crush from the 1920’s, Sammy Valdez, seemingly lives again- Hazel is floored when she sees Leo for the first time.  However, in time, we realize that Leo is only Sammy’s great-grandson.  Right, like that’s any less weird. 

The point I’m trying to make, is when the Fates are stringing together the destiny of the universe, the Seven were purposefully interconnected, and were always destined to meet.  That would explain the Sammy/Leo coincident, and the almost immediate ability the Seven have to function as one and fight together.  It was meant to be!

So...when a goddess gets pregnant does she carry the kid for 9 months or does it just pop out?

I think it’s more immediate

Who out of the seven do you think is most likely to self harm/develop an eating disorder?

Honestly, I think they’re all pretty sure of themselves at this point.  I’d be really surprised if anyone had anything like that going on.

Trust me, Valdez.

Trust me, Valdez.

Pretty much the only reason people ship Nico and Reyna is because they're the only two major-ish characters who are single. Newsflash: NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!




Okay, imagine this: New Athens. Like New Rome, but near Camp Half-Blood. Am I the only one who really wants this to exist?

nice idea!



i’m tired of these posts assuming nico’s pov is going to be all about percy like in all honesty it’s probably going to be half “reyna just knifed a cyclops in the face holy hades reyna just killed a minor god with one hand behind her back and now she’s ending world hunger with her MIND jumping jupiter she probs has 4590309.38438 x 10 ^ 340 attack power” and half “i hope hazel’s okay” 

how many times can i reblog this?


A little Piper because I realised I really like her


A little Piper because I realised I really like her

?? Did you just forget about hazel and nico?

Haha no of course not! Don’t get me wrong- I love them SO MUCH!  I was just going with what I found more interesting

that nico caring for mellie and the baby after coach hedge dies is horrrible. I need it like air.

haha i feel ya.